OF COURSE, effective dispensing of  paper is the
most  important feature of a toilet  paper dispenser,
but in  the sometimes brutal  environment of public-
access  rest  rooms  other  issues can be almost  as

SURVIVABILITY:  A  dispenser  that cannot with-
stand   repeated  attempts of  destruction  will   have
to eventually  be  replaced. The cost of  replacement
will  not  only  include  the  price of  the replacement
unit  itself,  but the cost of removal of   the  damaged
dispenser,  and  installation of the new  unit  as  well.

A  significant  percentage of  the  public  like to steal
toilet tissue.  But the expense of  pilfered toilet tissue
is  not the only cost of inadequate dispenser security.
More  frequent  servicing  also adds to the cost.  But
one of the biggest problems of an  insecure dispenser
occurs  when  rolls  are   maliciously  stuffed  into the
toilet itself.  The  problem compounds when the toilet
is flushed,  and the drain is clogged. If  the clog is not
detected    immediately,   and  corrected,   further
attempts  of   use  will  create a  very  unpleasant and
expensive situation!

The SOLID STAINLESS STEEL DISPENSERS  by Aslin Industries  have been developed to solve these  problems:

Built  from 1/4" AND  3/16" thick  304 stainless steel alloy,  these dispensers  have survived  in busy  highway rest stop
installations for over TEN YEARS and counting,  WITHOUT NEED OF REPLACEMENT!

These rugged LOCK-BAR Dispensers deter users from pilfering rolls, or removing rolls for malicious purposes. In one
application,  after  replacing  the  dispensers  in  an  ocean side rest  room with  the  LOCK-BAR  design, the attendant
reported a reduction of paper loss from 76 rolls to about 7 rolls per three-day weekend!

The STAINLESS STEEL DISPENSERS are  Tumble-Finished to provide an  ANTI-GRAFFITI surface that reduces
or eliminates  the effects  of scratching, or  marking  with pen or  pencil. Any marks with a felt-tipped pen can easily be
removed  with  readily  available solvents with  no effect  to the dispenser itself.  Unlike chromed, zinc-plated or painted
dispensers, the  Solid Stainless Steel Finish  will  neither chip, crack, peel, flake, or rust.  And where the soft plastic dis-
pensers  are easily defaced  with offensive carved or scratched  "messages",  the ANTI-GRAFFITI  stainless finish will
not be affected.

Repeated cleaning,  harsh  chemicals, constant high humidity, and, especially around seashore locations, salt air can and
will  contribute to the degrading  of  the dispenser's  appearance.  Plastic dispensers can be easily ruined by carving and
scratching obscenities into the surfaces.  Chrome,  zinc-plated,  and  even  our white enamel dispensers can likewise be
disfigured. Chips, cracks, scratches,  even normal  wear can break through the finish and cause unsightly rust, discolor-
ation, and corrosion.
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